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Tenant Ratings

Not all tenants are equal. While a property may have a familiar name or sign in front of the building, it may not even be rated by S&P or Moody’s. The higher the rating, the lower probability of default.

Extensive Database

The O’Shea Net Lease Advisory provides our clients with a range of investment solutions that are National in scope; and Client-specific in nature. We maintain an extensive 86,500 (and counting) database of available NNN assets.

NNN Overview

Not all Net Leases are the same. Many brokers will unintentionally (we hope) misstate NNN vs. NN vs. Bond lease structures. It is really important to be aware of the distinctions because they affect your potential liability or mitigate your risk as an investor.

Who Needs A Broker?

Aside from the obvious, that a Listing Broker in a commercial transaction, appropriately, has an agency responsibility to the Seller, not the Buyer, even if he is your brother-in-law. So listing brokers, by definition, do not represent the interest of a Buyer.