The O’Shea Net Lease Advisory provides our Clients with a range of investment solutions that are national in scope; and Client-specific in nature. We have developed and maintain an extensive database of available 86,500 +/- NNN assets from around the country. We track both off market and current market offerings from the most credible sources. It is updated on an hourly basis, literally.

Our research team monitors the NN and NNN lease market place in daily contact with preferred developers, owners and private investors. Our national network of commercial investment brokers, local and regional real estate professionals and a select group of Net Lease Investment professionals who produce a client-specific solution for a private investor in a 1031 exchange to an institutional grade, bond transaction in the tens of millions of dollars. Each submission is a direct response to a client’s stated objectives of size, scope, Client risk appetite, residual real estate valuation; cash flow and tax planning considerations. We stay current with the Capital Markets, both Debt and Equity, to bring to bear the best market intelligence for our clients. We coordinate with the accounting community and legal professionals from across the country to produce timely and effective solutions for our mutual Clients.

We provide the senior management level of care and expertise demanded by our clients, combined with innovative deal structures that takes maximum advantage of the prevailing market conditions, both debt and equity. We track national and regional trends of the different office, industrial and retail sectors of the real estate economy by utilizing Real Capital Analytics and other recognized research sources on behalf of our Client’s specific investment objectives.

We have invested in research and information technology infrastructure and the necessary human capital to respond to client circumstances that may be dictated by the very tight IRC 1031 timetables of 45 days in which a tax-motivated client is being asked to make a multi-million dollar decision with high performance standards.

Family Offices

Family Office Investment Advisors determine how their clients can meet both current and intergenerational financial goals through skillful management of Client resources. Such Advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to examine the financial history, past and current, for opportunities for their Client's allocations and make recommendations regarding, exactly, what strategies may match the Client needs. Although other financial advisors usually focus on one area of a Client's financial life goals, Family Offices are often tasked with establishing investment principles that reflect both the specific Family’s values, as well as, investment goals to distinguish them from the rest of the crowded field of advisors. In a very real sense, Family Offices are expected to be “Jacks of all Trades”, but, in reality, they do not work alone; they, too rely on experts in various investment sectors.
At the O’Shea Net Lease Advisory, like the other trusted relationships that we have cultivated with the accounting and legal communities, we, serve as Net Lease Advisors for Family Offices to implement risk-averse investment strategies using these net leased assets as “Fixed-income alternates” in times, just like the current historically low return environment. We search the NNN landscape, using the NNN assets, merely as the best investment vehicles, to accomplish the strategic diversification goals, set by the Family Office Advisors.
We define our role, " that we are not, here, just to sell your real estate"; but provide a genuine advisory role to separate the “NNN wheat from the NNN chaff”. We, readily, acknowledge that we are, in fact, licensed real estate practitioners; but, at the O’Shea Net Lease Advisory, we focus on NNN properties, particularly the Credit Tenant Assets, as "fungible commodities" which can serve as risk-averse investment vehicles. Whether the issue is retirement planning, education trusts, estate planning, or current predictable secure income streams, we can provide the investment product to accomplish your client-specific solutions using our proprietary 86,500 property database to provide best NNN Market Intel to assist best decisions.

IRC 1031 and 1033 Tax - Deferred Exchanges

The O’Shea Net Lease Advisory provides net lease advisory services for IRC 1031 exchange clients and other risk-averse Investors. Our Proprietary 86,500+/- NNN investment property database, combined with our acute market intelligence and deal-making relationships, affords our Clients an "ONLA Market Edge." With the high performance standards and IRC deadlines.
We serve Multi-family investors and Taxpayers, from around the country, who may wish to defer their substantial capital gain liability by utilizing IRC 1031 Trade Exchange Provisions. We have specialized in Credit Tenant net leased assets which we view a "fungible commodities" to provide efficient solutions for 1031 Exchanges; Partnership basis solutions and even Foreclosure strategies in an increasingly volatile investment market. These NNN assets afford an investor a stable, secure, predictable return on their equity to diversify their portfolios from higher yield, more risky investment vehicles. Credit tenant assets can afford with fixed-rate, longer-term debt with an investment grade tenant, in place. Many of our clients report that they have never slept better in their lives.
Over forty (40%) percent of all 1031 Exchanges that are completed, historically, have come out of our Client base in Southern California. We have a very demanding Client base. We are required to have a national scope for our products and services. We specialize in these Credit Tenant NNN properties because they provide predictable, stable and secure income streams, due to lease structure in which the Corporate Tenant has the sole responsibility for operating and management expenses that often erode the net income streams of income-producing properties. This net lease niche of the real estate investment industry presents a risk-averse alternative for investors, many of whom are transitioning from management-intensive investments, like apartment buildings, to a relative 'coupon clipping'; option with predictable income streams and no management operations like their other real estate assets.
IRC 1031 Provisions allow a taxpayer/investor to defer their gain and preserve their wealth. In choosing a net leased asset, as a sound and conservative investment, a taxpayer/investor secures predictable current income stream, as well as, the more credible residual of more speculative investments. This is an important consideration in our changing real estate landscape. We are one of the few brokers who attend the annual Jeremiah Long 1031 conference, attended by tax advisors and the most highly regarded practitioners for the last decade

Accounting and Legal Professionals

The O’Shea Net Lease Advisory, essentially, views its role as playing an ancillary role to the Accounting and Legal Communities, in Los Angeles and around the country. Whether generated as a real estate or tax-related issue, these Professional Service Providers, are often mandated to provide additional guidance to their respective Client bases, whether a IRC Section 1031 Exchange process issue seeking replacement solutions; reviewing Client tax profile to determine acquisition and disposition strategies, or even some estate planning.
Acquisition candidates must be reviewed in the context of all of the implications of ownership to match Client-specific objectives, as mission critical for their valued Clients. Not all net leases are the same. There are many nuances that impact or mitigate risk. That is precisely how we add value to reviews and recommendations to Clients. We afford a Client total exposure to all Net lease properties in the market that match their specific goals. We match the properties to Client objectives; we rely on our Proprietary database of 86,500 NNN properties to afford a firm Client to all on and off market properties from private investors, developers, REITs and all other net lease brokers sources. We believe that best Market Intel of the universe of NNN properties from all sources provides maximum exposure and optimum accountability.

Cross-Border Investors

US-based real estate assets, and particularly, net lease commercial properties, with investment grade corporate tenants in place, are viewed around the world, whether the investors are based in Europe, Latin America, Asian Pacific Region or the Middle East, the Rule of Law combined with attractive, relatively secure and safe investment opportunities have made net leased properties are targeted sector for Cross-Border investors in the recent years.
In an emerging and unprecedented environment of negative Bond Rates in Europe and around the World, these net lease assets, even with compressed cap rates that shock many traditional investors, we find NNN assets provide a risk-averse fixed-income alternative for investors seeking a safe haven.
Both Sovereign Funds and Private Investors seek the safe harbor of Net Leased assets with low leverage or no leverage as an investment. "Parking vehicle". That is not new, what is new is the scale and deal-making velocity in the last decade.
Our Proprietary database affords comprehensive and optimum exposure for Cross- border buyers, who would traditionally have exposure to the selected (limited) listings of major brokerages, only. Our database aggregates the whole Net Lease asset class based on our investment in Human Capital and impeccable Research Sources; we can afford total exposure to all asset classes and sectors for their discerning review.
We have seasoned transaction legal counsels to whom we can refer Cross-Border Clients to assist in efficient transactions that the market demands, as well as, debt sources that specialize in providing debt solutions for "Foreign Investors". We can provide maximum exposure to NNN products for their investment objectives and coordinate a Team of Legal and Accounting Professionals to provide efficient executions.